Barbu Scoring Spreadsheet

Update: Ethan Bradford writes: I also made one (a while back, but I've been slow to publish it), at If anybody asks you for a spreadsheet which matches the Yale variant, you can send them there! My spreadsheet also keeps track of the games used up for each dealer, which can be handy. The spreadsheet also has encoded the score for each item in a game, which is helpful for players who haven't memorized that, but limits the variants it can be used for (without editing).

This page contains an Excel spreadsheet for calculating scores in the card game Barbu. Scoring gets a little complicated because the game includes side bets between the players over their scores for each hand. The sheet was created by Stacey and Andy Olstad.

This is the Barbu scoring spreadsheet

For the curious, here are the rules for Barbu. The spreadsheet should work for any variation with 7 hands per declarer, and can be easily modified for other numbers of hands. It calculates point sums for each hand and each declarer so that the user can verify scoring correctness, but does not dictate any particular set of point values.

Patri Friedman